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Barabook — the best
flashcards in the world!

Barabook is a service for information memorization on your mobile device.

It is ideal for foreign words study and also for memorization of dates, notes, chemical formulas, definitions, idioms and any other textual or graphical information which you have a lot in your school or university.

How does Barabook work?


All card sets are stored in a “cloud”. Therefore they are available at any time from any Apple or Android mobile device or via web site. Search function will help you to find a card set on your mobile device or the website.

Accessible from anywhere at any time.

Link to a card set

If you have created a card set, you can share it with your friends, classmates or pupils (if you are a teacher). If you make a change to your card set, it will be immediately replicated to everyone using it. You can configure the access level to your card set in the editor. To share your set, you need to copy the card set link and then send it by any means you like.

Can be sent to all your pupils.


Our card set editor at looks like an Excel table, but it can work with words and pictures. Such table is very easy to navigate through, copy and paste. It allows you to automatically translate a cell (or even several cells at one go) to a required language. With Ctrl+V combination you can paste a text, pictures or even a whole table directly from Excel or other editors.

Can translate and propose pictures.

Quality pronunciation

Barabook can voice text in a high quality sound (64 Kbps). Both on the website and your mobile device you can hear it crystal clear how a word is pronounced without any noise or distortion.

In various languages.

Card set copy on a mobile device

You can browse card sets on your mobile device and listen how words are pronounced even without an internet connection. For this download a card set when you are at home (or anywhere where WiFi is available) and then later browse it in the underground or a park.

Works even without internet.

Statistics for teachers

If you are a teacher, tick a checkbox “Teacher” in your profile settings, and you will be able will see who is now studying your sets and who has already learnt which.

Who has learnt and who has not.