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7 March 2017

Write and Test exercises for Android are now available in Google Play

Exams are coming ...

Dear All, happy to announce that "Write" and "Test" exercises for Android are now available in Google Play.

Update your barabook application for Android.

Barabook Team

1 Sept 2016

First day of school with new Barabook

Hi, dear pupils! Congratulations on the First Day of School.

We've got an excellent news for you! Now Barabook is even more than just flashcards. The new application for Apple devices has got exercises Write, Tests, Sentence Puzzle, Find Word and Match. Among them you’ll find a suitable one for each particular set of information you need to study.

Find trainer in app for Apple

The second news is Barabook has got folders! For now they are only available in the mobile app for Apple.

Where are folders in app for Apple

You can create a folder via menu on the "To Learn" screen.

How to create a folder in app for Apple

When a folder has been created you can add card sets to it.

How to add cardset to folder in app for Apple

The new folder will also be available on the website but with no possibility to change the contents. For now this can only be done in the mobile app for Apple devices.

We are planning to add folders and trainers into the Android app in autumn 2016 г.

Barabook Team

16 May 2015

Hi dear all!

Here is a double update from Barabook!

Welcome the new apps versions for Android and iOS.

New mobile app

We've added the auto-browse and auto-sound functions. You can turn on the modes on the card view settings screen.

Settings button on the card screen Card screen settings

The website has also been updated with a new function. You can now add your own sound to the sets. There are new menu items in the right-click menu.

Sound menu items

Sanyoq, Barabook Team

2 Feb 2015

Barabook website can now automatically add pictures from Flickr. Look for the new items in the editor menu.

Menu items for pictures

Sanyoq, Barabook Team

11 Oct 2014

Our website is live! Try it and write to us.

Sanyoq, Barabook Team

5 Oct 2014

Barabook app is now in Google Play Market as well. Hooray!!! Our website is coming very soon.

Sanyoq, Barabook Team

1 Sept 2014

Barabook Flashcards app is available in AppStore! Our Android app and internet site with card set creation function are coming in a few days.

Sanyoq, Barabook Team